Employability Skills for Students

Increasingly it is vital that students completing their studies are able to demonstrate not only the knowledge that they have gained, but also a range of skills which indicate their 'employability'.   

The ability to demonstrate such skills is clearly a strong advantage in a competitive job market and is also increasingly perceived as an integral component of a robust and well-rounded education.   Employability skills include (but are not limited to) the ability to; work well with others, and in teams, act on one's own initiative, bring a proactive approach to problem-solving, demonstrate a creative approach to new business opportunities, and to take responsibility for one's own professional actions and development.

Sue Carrette Consultancy offers two modules designed specifically to enhance the employability skills of students in higher education. These modules can be commissioned by higher education institutions, other education organisations and relevant professional bodies - either for inclusion in wider programmes of study - or as stand-alone activities.

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Successful Networking

Employers generally recognize that their key asset is their workforce and those individuals who are most sought after are frequently those who both work well with others within the organization, while also liaising productively with clients and external stakeholders. Similarly success in building networks and increasing the potential pool of clients and customers is key for entrepreneurs managing small and large businesses. Consequently the ability to build and nurture networks successfully is a key employability skill -for all employment situations.

Portfolio Career Management 

The current and likely future working environment globally, is one in which the individuals who succeed will be those who thrive on the challenge of managing multiple responsibilities, roles and professional identities - both simultaneously and throughout their working lives. An entrepreneurial perspective is also an advantage. Consequently the ability to develop a 'portfolio' approach to managing professional life is a key employability skill - and one which will increase your potential to succeed, whether in more conventional employment situations, self-employment, or a combination of roles.

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